LCpl. David Gibson               

2nd Platoon Delta 1/27

 Died 17 Oct. 2007

A Fine Marine




I just returned to the 1/27’s website and am honored to see David’s name all ready in the Memorial list.  You probably knew my brother better than I did as we did not spend much time together as adults.  The time you guys spent together would have been of highest quality.  Men become closer than brothers in battle.

Although we lived our “own” lives, raised our own families and lived miles apart, whenever we were together, it was as if nothing had changed from our childhood.  We still had the same thoughts, the same loves, could tell each other things knowing we would not be judged and knew we loved one another although the words were seldom said. 

His last weeks were spent with me.  I will cherish that short time the rest of my days.  My one regret is that we did not get together sooner, I feel that I might have helped him live a little longer.  We will never know.

The last time I saw Dave as a child, was the day we both were sworn in, December 05, 1966.  He in the Marines,  me in the Army.  Please don’t hold that small fact against me.  I wanted to be a medic, which is what I became and saw the horrible aftermath of injuries from Vietnam.

Even though the injured and wounded I helped care for were Army, they still held a fascination for me for their spirit, their fortitude and their basic common sense regarding their situations.  They were some of the most awesome men I have ever encountered.  I held my brother far above even them, I always will.

 David had a fear that because of some of the things he had done throughout his life, he may not make it to Heaven if he died.  Otherwise, he had no other fear of death.  I wish that I could know, that Heaven is where he’s gone.  He deserves no less.

 Thank you and your brothers, again, for your kind words and wishes,

 I’d enjoy keeping in touch with some of you, if you wouldn’t mind 

 Kathy Gibson



    It was an honor having served with David. He was a outstanding Marine. I truly believe that he is now in heaven guarding the gates along with the Marnes that arrived for duty before him.
    Whenever 1/27 Marines and corpsmen hold any memorial services, we will always include David.
    You are always welcome to contact me and others from 1/27. Take care and God Bless.
Semper Fidelis.