Photos From Doc Mac McConnell




LCpl. Toomer  &  PFC David Roberts 1968



HHereís the start of the photos I promised. Please feel free to use them or not. The first one is the Duong Son II area in Danang while the next shot (001) is almost the same but with PFC David Gibson in the right side and the back of HM3 Daniel Corbett in the guard post. Those tents were stylish living compared to the companyís next stop in Hue.



                                                                                             Cpl. Art Smith

Two more from the Danang base camp. The first is looking out the tent, over HN Corbettís sleeping head, at the back of CPL Art Smith. The second shot is Smithy early after we arrived in country. Note: the Marine over his shoulder is still carrying the M14 that we had on landing. As I remember, we were also pretty low on ammo for these pieces as the M16 had become the standard.

            Smith was a great guy who Iíll always remember. We shared a hole in Hue and I almost brook his foot by dropping a metal sheet we were using to reinforce the bunker. He also ďletĒ me carry an extra LAW while we were on patrolÖpromised I could take the first shot at a NVA tank ?????



On Patrol Hue

Roberts Found A Leech

Firebase Hue

Firebase Hue

These photos mMay be Go Noi Island outside of Danang and the start of Operation Allen Brook. Not Positive


This is a group shot that we need some IDís: I believe the location is the firebase in Hue we were operating out of. 

                        The Marine on the far left with the cookies in his hands was a second timer  and was only sent to the 1/27th to do his few months left in the Corps, but got sent back with us. He knew his stuff and kept a lot of us on our toes as to what to expect. I wish I could remember his name because he taught me a bunch. We were on patrol in the Hue area when they pulled him out of the field and sent him back to Danang for shipment to the free world.

            The next Marine with the blond hair may be Robeson, Iím not sure.

            The Marine looking straight out and sitting on the sandbags, I think is Andy Toomer who was wounded later in a firefight.

            The next Marineís name I canít remember while the one with the hat looking out may be(?) David Roberts, but again Iím not sure, as you know its been awhile. 

            The Marine leaning over is also unknown by name but I remember him and heís in a subsequent photo.        

                                    The next shot is the Marine (SGT) who was eating the cookies. Itís the schoolhouse in Hue at La Son  and thatís a air mattress we all had. I rolled over on mine and my punctured the darn thing! Some Marine I would have made.

                                    All for today, and Iím probably at the end of my bunch as memory tells me the camera was lost at the base camp when we got back from this op. Footnote: In the group shot , the Marine in the middle with the short on may be Carattini, LCPL.



                                    Hope these bring back a few thoughts of long ago.


                                                HM2 Mac